FAQ Ar - Status Law


Does your firm only defend individuals who intend to take refuge in Sweden and Belgium?

No, our sphere of operation is not limited to the countries where we have offices. We can provide support for clients who are seeking refuge in any country of the EU/EEA area.

The extradition ruling on my case has already been made. Is it too late to seek your help?

If the decision on your case has already been made, we are still able to help you unless the extradition ruling is already enforced. If you lost the case and expect to go through the extradition process shortly, it is critical to contact us as soon as possible.

Do you provide the initial consultation for free?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer free consultations to private clients due to the number of our experts (lawyers, analysts and communication strategists) involved in the evaluation of each case.
It often happens that an initial consultation helps clients to resolve their situation and makes further cooperation unnecessary, which explains its relatively high cost.

Are there any services you can provide on a pro bono basis?

Our lawyers consult a limited number of qualified government and NGO bodies on matters of human rights violations and the imposition of sanctions. Please contact us for further details.

I cannot visit you in person or call you due to privacy concerns. Can I get your advice anonymously?

You can reach us via secured end-to-end encrypted messengers (Signal, WhatsApp), e-mail us at our secure ProtonMail accounts, or utilise the website form to discuss the best ways of organising communication. We are open to using the channels that work best for you.

Can you assist me with confidentially relocating from my home country to another jurisdiction?

It always depends on the entire set of circumstances, and we will need to organise an initial consultation in order to review them. Typically, we are unable to help with organising relocation from China, Russia and other jurisdictions where corruption can be an issue.

I’ve left important case-related documents abroad and cannot collect them myself (or have lost them completely). Should I still contact you?

Yes, there are multiple ways to effectively address this issue even if the documents are lost or you cannot retrieve them for any other reason.

Can you help me to overturn criminal charges against me in my home country?

Although we can win cases in Europe and block international prosecution attempts, this is very unlikely to affect the situation in your domestic jurisdiction, and so you would still not be able to travel there before the local situation changes.

Will I be able to travel within the EU while my case is under review?

This depends on the complexity of the case and the stage of the litigation process. At the beginning, you will typically have to stay within the borders of the same country.