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Extradition. Protection. Reputation. Interpol. Banking. Sanctions. Status Law has won numerous extradition litigation cases, protecting clients from extradition from member countries of the European Union to developing countries, including China, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Belarus and Turkmenistan. MORE INFORMATION We successfully work at the junction of European, international and national law thanks to our knowledge and practical experience in the field of legal systems of different countries of the world, as well as an extensive network of contacts, both in the territory of the countries - members of the European Union and beyond.

Status Law is a specialised international search & extradition defence law firm focused on protecting private clients from the abuse of transnational legal mechanisms by corrupt regimes across the globe. We counteract unjustified cross-border prosecution attempts, helping wrongly accused individuals, their families and assets to remain under the legal safeguard of EU/EEA jurisdiction. The proven outcomes of our work are deeply rooted in the unique advantages of the firm, including:

  • Extradition defence
  • Asylum & International Prosecution protection
  • Interpol Red Notice removal
  • Cross-border banking legal issues
  • Financial services while a client is on an international search list in Interpol and other databases
  • Reputation protection
  • Challenging sanctions
  • Preventive measures


Status law advise you in relation to all possible defences to an extradition request. Our specialised extradition team have great experience in handling complex cases involving politically motivated charges.


Extensive experience in helping people who have become a target of politically and economically motivated criminal allegations in their home countries to pass the asylum determination process abroad and remain under international legal protection.


Specialised public relations practice in-house which allows us to address each situation holistically and avoid any unnecessary third-party involvement. In addition, thanks to that we can stay in permanent contact with a broad range of local and international media, NGO and government organisations and reach out to them directly.


More than a hundred Red Notice and diffusion removals, which were followed by their complete deletion. This result was achieved thanks to our ability to effectively work directly with the Commission for the CIF based on a deep understanding of international law, Interpol’s own regulations and knowledge of the particular countries’ national law.


Status law provides some highly specific finance and banking law services. Our timely intervention is your best insurance from becoming a victim of ineffective bureaucratic mechanisms and corrupt state officials.


We proud of being a part of common lobbying effort for implementation of sanctions against criminal authorities in different regions of the world – from Venezuela to China – and strives to fight the systematic abuse of power, often on a pro bono basis.

Partners and Employees

Our lawyers are highly skilled and accessible, get personal attention to every matter


Pawel Leszek Kazanecki

Specialist in democratic development and human rights.
Graduated from Warsaw University.
Worked for Polish Government, Open Society Foundation (Soros Foundation) and East European Democratic Centre.

Knight of the Order of Polonia Restituta (Order of the Rebirth of Poland), the highest Polish civilian award.

Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and English speaker.


Dr. Aliaksei Kazlou

Expert in Migration and Asylum issues.
Lecturer at Linkoping University.

Graduated from Warsaw University, Poland, defended PhD at Linkoping University, Sweden.

Swedish, Polish, English and Russian speaker.


Dr. Bogumił Zygmont

PhD in Law, specialist in extradition.

Graduated Law Faculty of Warsaw University, Poland.
Lecturer of Criminal Law at Łazarski University.
Admitted to the Polish Bar (Law Practice) in 2007.
Dr Zygmont has wide successful experience in extradition cases from Poland to different countries.

Polish and English speaker.


Dr. Alex Michalevic

Member of the European Criminal Bar Association, Attorney qualified to practice in Czech Republic,
PhD from Polish Academy of Sciences
Lecturer in Extradition Law and Practice.
Member of Defence Extradition Lawyers Forum.

John Humprey Award Winner 2011 (Canadian Parliament) for Human Rights and Democratic Development.

Czech, Polish, English, Russian and German speaker.