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About Us

Status Law specialises in complex international prosecution cases and possess established expertise in such areas as extradition defence, international search, Interpol red notice removal, asylum, cross-border banking legal issues and challenging unjustified sanctions.

Status Law is an international law firm based in Linköping (Sweden) and Brussels (Belgium). We specialise in complex international prosecution cases and possess established expertise in such areas as extradition defence, international search, Interpol red notice removal, asylum, cross-border banking legal issues and challenging unjustified sanctions. We are committed to protecting private clients around the globe from the abuse of transnational legal mechanisms by authoritarian regimes by helping our clients and their assets to remain under the safeguard of European law. Our holistic perspective, established specialisation and bespoke services have consistently translated into effective fulfilment of the most challenging legal needs.

The exceptional results consistently delivered by our team are rooted not only in its deep expertise and years of experience in the field, but also in our regional focus. We run specialised practices for major global regions where the legal systems are flawed, and each practice is curated by a lawyer who has previously lived and operated in the respective region before joining the firm.

Another important feature that constitutes a unique advantage of Status Law is our comprehensive approach and integration of functions. In addition to our specialised law expertise, we can provide media, PR and GR support for litigation success, where necessary. As well as a successful outcome in the case, this helps to protect the reputation of our clients against misinformation, ensure public support for their presence in the host country, and lobby against unlawful sanctions such as bank account freezes and travel bans.

Having its headquarters in Sweden, the firm benefits from operating in one of the most developed jurisdictions characterised by the rule of law, strong human rights institutions and among the lowest extradition rates. Our geographic reach is further enhanced by a satellite office in Brussels, which gives us proximity to the major EU government institutions including the European Commission, European Parliament and European Court of Justice (Luxembourg). This is a critical factor in those cases requiring political and GR support.

Status Law is perfectly positioned to offer protection from the most exacting international prosecution attempts. To learn more about our company, please check the FAQ section or contact us now.

Partners and Employees

Our partners и employees are highly skilled and accessible get personal attention to every matter.


Pawel Leszek Kazanecki

Specialist in democratic development and human rights.

Graduated from Warsaw University.
Worked for Polish Government, Open Society Foundation (Soros Foundation) and East European Democratic Centre.

Knight of the Order of Polonia Restituta (Order of the Rebirth of Poland), the highest Polish civilian award.

Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and English speaker.


Dr. Aliaksei Kazlou

Expert in Migration and Asylum issues.

Lecturer at Linkoping University.
Graduated from Warsaw University, Poland, defended PhD at Linkoping University, Sweden.
Swedish, Polish, English and Russian speaker.


Dr. Bogumił Zygmont

PhD in Law, specialist in extradition.

Graduated Law Faculty of Warsaw University, Poland.
Lecturer of Criminal Law at Łazarski University.
Admitted to the Polish Bar (Law Practice) in 2007.
Dr Zygmont has wide successful experience in extradition cases from Poland to different countries.

Polish and English speaker.


Dr. Alex Michalevic

Member of the European Criminal Bar Association.

Attorney qualified to practice in Czech Republic.
PhD from Polish Academy of Sciences.
Lecturer in Extradition Law and Practice.
Member of Defence Extradition Lawyers Forum.

John Humprey Award Winner 2011 (Canadian Parliament) for Human Rights and Democratic Development.

Czech, Polish, English, Russian and German speaker.

James Wilson

James Wilson

Senior Partner

Journalist and Publisher.

Brussels-based governmental and Public relations professional with 20 years of experience.

Graduated from Manchester University (Britain), Editor-in-chief of the Brussels-based Political Revue.

Worked for Hong-Kong Government on high managerial positions.

English, French, Dutch and Chinese (Mandarin and Catalon) speaker.

Olga Pietrowska

Olga Pietrowska

Chief information and business analysis officer.

Graduated from University of Informatics, certificated by Microsoft Corporation in Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server Database.

Information security expert.

Swedish, English, Polish and Russian speaker.

Juan Carlos Torres

Juan Carlos Torres

Junior partner responsible for Latin America.

Specialist in Latin American law and international legal cooperation in criminal and administrative matters.

Graduated Law at Universidad del Rosario, Bogota, Colombia, holds LLM (Master of Law) from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain and LLM from University of Turin, Italy. Admitted to the Bar (Law Practice) in Colombia in 2011, from 2014 in the European Union.

Spanish, Italian and English speaker.

Samantha Terrall

Samantha Terrall

CEO Marketing Director

Graduated from Business University of California, Berkeley. MS in Global Management Program. Cleveland State University. DBA in Marketing

Lecturer at the Dartmouth College, Department of Economics.

English, French and Italian speaker.